Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Scandal! Rand Paul's Plagiarism Scandal Keeps Growing

When The Rachel Maddow Show broke the story a few days ago, that Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky had been caught plagiarizing from Wikipedia, it seemed minor. Probably a rogue (or simply lazy) speech writer. Then, it turned out it was kind of a regular thing. And now, it seems that it isn't just Wikipedia cribbing going on. Worse, Paul has resorted to attacking the messenger, and playing the victim, rather than owning up to it, or even apparently understanding what plagiarism even means.

If you are a conservative Paul fan, hearing this for the first time, or rolling your eyes that it originates with Rachel Maddow, I get it. You think she's our version of Sean Hannity, and don't believe a word she says. First, I'd tell you that she's quite simply better than that (though you wouldn't believe me). But instead, I'd consider you to do your homework. This was kind of a funny, "scandal-ette" at first. But it's growing. And Paul isn't helping his own cause by playing dumb.

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