Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Koch Brothers Behind Huge Anti-ObamaCare Effort

One of the weirder ironies of today's politics is the fact that conservatives hate "ObamaCare," have done everything they could to sabotage it, kill it, disparage it. . .and yet they continue to pretend they're upset that it has been beset with problems as it ramps up. And they're not finished yet, oh no! The Koch Brothers--the right's version of George Soros, except there are two of them, and they work against Americans' best interests--are putting big money into fighting the ACA behind the scenes.

They're actively trying to prevent people from enrolling, down to the level of asking for pledges. This continuing sabotage works in multiple ways. The negative advertising continues to make the ACA seem like a bad thing, and if they're successful in preventing people from signing up, they can help ensure that it actually has a harder time shaping up. And yet, the Kochs still do all of this mostly from the shadows. The average American doesn't know that "Americans for Prosperity" or "FreedomWorks" exist, and if they do, they just think they're patriotic-sounding organizations.

It makes you wonder exactly what's in it for the Kochs if a bunch of Americans don't have affordable health care. What good does a bunch of sick, bankrupted Americans to the Kochs? Or is it enough to try to make the President look bad?  And there's a deeper question I keep coming back to, with the Kochs, Sheldon Adelson, Foster Friess, Rupert Murdoch and so many of these conservative billionaire benefactors: why do these impossibly rich old men care so much about being just a bit richer? You know what, at least George Soros contributes to causes that don't line his already stuffed pocketbook.


  1. Sabotage? I think the Obama administration has done a pretty good job doing that themselves.
    Jamie, would you use a Federal ACA navigator, not knowing who they are and knowing they did not undergo a background check? Would you feel comfortable giving them your personal information including your social security number, how much you make and your credit card number? If you had kids, would feel comfortable giving your kids information along with your address to a possible child molester?
    I certainly would not and the Koch brothers haven't paid me to say this.

  2. I'm fortunate that I already have good health insurance. But if I was going to get insurance from the exchange, I'd just do it, "glitches" or not. I'm pretty tenacious, I'd figure it out. So, no, I'd probably not use a navigator. But--as I'd say with any potential problems with any government program--it makes more sense to FIX what might be wrong, then to scrap a program that has the potential to do tremendous good.


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