Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sick of ObamaCare Squabbles

Blue Dogs be cryin'. Image from source, Think Progress
I'm sure critics of ObamaCare and President Obama in general would credit my frustration and irritation over the squabbling to be because they're attacking my President. "The Anointed One" as Sean Hannity so cluelessly calls him. But that's not it. I can take criticism of somebody I voted for. I'm not the swooning type. Obama was an infinitely better choice than either Mitt Romney or John McCain (2008-version), and I stand by my vote. But he's not perfect, and I never thought he was.

No, I'm tired of all the whining because I don't care about the rocky rollout of the Affordable Care Act. If they never get the wheels on straight, and if people never get signed up right, or the whole thing collapses under its own weight, sure. Then I'll care about what's going on. But it's early. There are months before people need to be signed up. Web sites are fixable, and it will get fixed, or rather, as fixed as any huge website gets (there will be crashes and outages no matter how good it is, just like Facebook, Twitter and other large sites crash occasionally). The actual product could fail. But it hasn't yet. We won't know for months, or years if it's a "trainwreck," as conservatives are fond of calling it. All of them, seemingly.

But you know what? Conservatives don't care either. Or rather, they're not really upset about it. They're digging it. Loving it. Eating it up. Don't believe for a second that they have an ounce of concern for anyone who was "lied to," and lost their crappy, sub-standard insurance plan. From day one, Republicans fought the ACA with every breath. Though it originated at the conservative Heritage Foundation, and found its way into Mitt Romney's Massachusetts health care plan before making its way to the national stage, even when it was watered down to please Republicans, they still didn't vote for it.

Since it became law, they've done everything they possibly could do to sabotage it. They've lied about "death panels," refused to implement state exchanges in GOP-controlled states, and waged a public relations campaign to destroy public confidence in it. And when there ultimately were problems, they now are "furious" that things aren't going smoothly. Please spare me.

Frankly, it is unfortunate that things haven't rolled out any better than they have. But guess what? If the website worked perfectly, if 1,500,000 people were signed up already, if 85% of the people were thrilled with the product, Right Wing World would be saying it wasn't enough, it was still socialism, and would be hyping the stories of the 15% who had problems. Of that, I have no doubt whatsoever.

But boy, I wish a Kardashian would do something crazy, a comet would come ThisClose to the earth, or there would be a surprise Game of Thrones/Downton Abbey crossover event to get the news cycle onto a different story. I'm sick of hearing it. I mean seriously, two states have passed gay marriage, and the biggest typhoon to ever appear anywhere hit the Philippines, and they barely moved the needle news-wise. We heard about health care reform for years when it was under development, and I was sick of it then! But here's what we're getting, even from the so-called liberal side of the blogosphere. . .


Senate Dems Scramble To Save Face Amid Woeful Obamacare Rollout

Senate Democratic leaders have no imminent plans to hold a vote on legislation to "fix" Obamacare and are instead working with the White House on administrative solutions to address insurance cancellations under the law, according to party leadership aides. . .

Read more at: Think Progress

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