Thursday, May 1, 2014

Judge Declares Concern Over Voter Fraud Irrational

Image from source, Think Progress
You could call conservatives' concerns over voter fraud "irrational" as this judge did. Or you could go a little further and call it what it really is: a cover story. A cover story for whittling down the vote.


Striking Down Wisconsin Voter ID Law, Judge Finds ‘No Rational Person Could Be Worried’ About Voter Fraud

A federal judge invalidated Wisconsin’s photo ID requirement Tuesday, in at least the third court ruling to strike down the law. The ruling is an overwhelming win for plaintiffs, who argued that the voter ID law suppresses ballot access in the state. And while the decision could be overturned on appeal before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, the law has also already been blocked by two state court decisions, one of which is still in effect. In March, Gov. Scott Walker (R) threatened to go so far as calling a special session to pass a modified law so that some ID provision is in place during the November election. . .

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  1. Just FYI, but the judge involved is a very liberal former politican and so I wouldn't read too much into what he says.

  2. Maybe. But can you show any kind of rampant in-person voter fraud that would be solved by voter ID laws? I can't even conceive of how such a case of fraud would be carried out. . .you'd need some sort of ringleader and a whole posse of repeat voters. Who's organizing such a thing? Where's any evidence that it's happening?


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