Thursday, May 22, 2014

The 9/11 Museum has a Gift Shop. So?

Image from source, Think Progress
Honestly, the things people get energized about. Every museum--whether very serious, or more light-hearted--has a gift shop. Sometimes more than one. And often a cafĂ© or restaurant. I can understand the museum being very cautious and careful about what they sell in the shop, but the existence of a shop at all? We have more pressing things to worry about.


Why The 9/11 Museum Has A Gift Shop

There is a gift shop at the 9/11 Museum. Like just about everything else involving the museum, the decision to include a gift shop has been fraught with controversy. The visceral dislike of a gift shop in this space is easy to understand: there’s something about it that feels tasteless at best and heartless at worst. We’re talking about a place that still houses unidentified human remains. Should this also be a place where you can buy “blossom earrings”? . . .

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