Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What's Wrong With Karl Rove?

I still see it in my dreams.
The question asked in the headline, and in the excerpted article below is rather vague, isn't it? What isn't wrong with Karl Rove? The man is made of wrong. Wrong is his thing, his schtick. And I mean that both in the sense of "that boy ain't right" kind of wrong, and just plain old incorrect. I will always lament the fact that Rove wasn't frog marched out of the White House. If anyone ever deserved it, it is that bag of pus. It was great to see him lose his shit on live TV, right there on FOX "News," on election night 2012. But it wasn't enough!

My biggest question is, after that humiliating event, and after Rove threw tens and hundreds of millions of Republican donor money into the crapper, why is he still making pronouncements, getting gigs, and being treated as though what he says means anything? Just how does he legally manage to be a big GOP fundraiser and an on-screen commentator? And it bears repeating: he's just a hideous human being.


What Is Wrong With Karl Rove?

Karl Rove is smart. A cynical master of dark arts, sure, but clever about it in a self-interested way that this current crop of inept kamikaze conservatives isn't. Which is why it's weird to watch him degenerate into another conspiracy whisperer. Has he had a serious health episode?
Rove made waves, as he is wont to do, over the weekend when he reportedly said at a closed-door appearance that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had a health issue. . .
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