Thursday, May 29, 2014

Right Wing World: Cliven Bundy Jumps from Republican to a REALLY Nutty Party

In this installment of Republicans Really Need Better Heroes, we have Cliven Bundy. He's the Nevada rancher who is grazing on federal land, but doesn't want to pay the bill. For some reason, this has inspired a following of alleged "Constitutionalists," who were--for a time--interrogating fellow citizens. That "I don't get it" would be to state, and understate the obvious.

But ol' Cliven isn't happy with more people than just the BLM, and liberals, and O'Bummer. He's dumping the whole GOP! So where'd he go, the Tea Party, right? Well, no, since the Tea Party is just the base of the Republican Party. Instead, he picked the party that was tea bagging before tea bagging was cool: The Independent American Party. These are not independents, you understand. It's an actual collection of like-minded people, and they're bananas.

I remember when I first moved to Nevada almost 20 years ago, reading about the Hansen family, all of whom were IAP. They're anti-federal government, like Bundy. But they went significantly around the bend on most issues. The oddest thing is, these uber-conservatives are against government issued ID, which puts them at odds with the uber-conservatives who are trying to implement Voter ID. here's a link. And remember, her platform is presented with a bit of polish for the election. But I think you can see where the IAP is coming from. And since Cliven Bundy apparently doesn't believe the federal government exists, he should fit right in.
Image from source, Wonkette
Anyway, I don't know if the Hansens ever secured any significant office, but they keep trying. Janine Hansen is running for Congress, and if you want to see what she's all about,

Again, Republicans: find better heroes.



Those sensitive to such things may have sensed a great disturbance in the Loonosphere over the weekend, as Cliven Bundy left the Republican Party and signed up with the Independent American Party of Nevada, the local version of the rightwing Constitution Party. And why does this matter? It is not insignificant, because Cliven’s new party is also the home of the awesomely batshit David Lory VanDerBeek, who we profiled a while back when he was predicting civil war and expecting Obama to come and kill him. Mr. VanDerBeek (motto: “I don’t put spaces between the three chunks of my last name”) is still out there — way out there — being a Sandy Hook Truther and running a can’t-lose candidacy for Nevada Governor. . .

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