Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Unexpected Major Purchase Throws off Blogging for the Night

After a year full of household renovations, I didn't expect to have to make another major purchase for a while. But as I noted yesterday, I came home to a blinking, flapping, noisy refrigerator when I came home from work. I scheduled a repairman for Tuesday afternoon, and took off early to meet him.

Here's where repairmen get you: I'd already laid out the problem to the call-taker. The repairman had the information. It's a common problem with my particular refrigerator. But he had to come out to the house, charge me 50 bucks, and then tell me he can't do anything that day. In fact, they'd have to take out a part, send it to the manufacturer, and have them fix it, if they can fix it.

Minimum, this was going to cost me $600, and take anywhere from now til June. All of that time would be spent with no refrigerator in the house. I realize this is a whine, since I have the old unit in the garage, but it annoyed me anyway. So, I paid the guy his fiddy, and sent him away.

Then, I got in the car, and headed to Home Depot. Having already looked up three selections on my Mac while I waited for the repair guy to get me a quote, I went right over to them and compared. I narrowed it down to a Samsung, an LG and a Whirlpool. Then I zipped over to both Lowe's and Sears Outlet for a quick comparison, and back to Home Depot for the purchase, narrowed down to a Whirlpool, both on advice of the salesman, and due to features I liked better.

The  fridge will be delivered Friday, and they'll wheel the old (hey, eight years doesn't seem old for a fridge, but there you go) beast away for free. And my Discover Card got a bit of an unexpected workout. I thought I got a better deal than I really did though. It's true, the original price was $400 higher, and indeed at Lowe's, it is. But a search after the purchase found a price just a little higher than I paid everywhere else. So, the artificially-imposed "ending soon!" sale at Home Depot didn't make much difference.

In any event, I'll finally have a brushed stainless refrigerator, and the price was about what I paid in 2006. Now, I have to wonder, will this one need replacing in 2022? Oh my god that sounds far away, doesn't it? But now, I guess I'm not going to get much if any blogging done today. We'll see if I can find something before time to turn in.

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