Friday, May 23, 2014

Sarah Palin Derps Some Racism Again

I almost didn't use this image (from Wonkette)
since the beyond awesome Lynda Carter
does not like Sarah Palin. But I figure
this his how Palin sees herself.

I'm always torn about writing a Palin post. She's a pointless, ridiculous political celebrity, and she thrives on attention, even negative attention. Kinda like Ann Coulter. But the she-beast of the north has gone and blown--not a dog whistle--just a regular loud, racist whistle. Again. So, the only way I can handle her today is by finding a funny write-up about it. This fits the bill.

World’s Laziest Half-Term Governor Says Obama Killed All Those Vets Because He Is So Lazy, Also Too The Media

Oh em gee, you guys, the ghost thinker for Sarah Palin’s brain has informed her that she is SUPER empissened about the just discovered BREAKING news that America does not treat its veterans so good, actually. . .

Read more at: Wonkette

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