Monday, May 12, 2014

Saturday Night LIVES

I thought this past weekend's Saturday Night Live was a return to form. It was light on clunkers, and funny--or at least amusing--throughout. The (many) featured players are melding well into the main cast. The new guy on Weekend Update seems to be getting more confident (if still looking a bit green), and the guest host, Charlize Theron, was really good. And now that they're all getting gelled into a cohesive whole. . .the season is almost over! There is one more episode next Saturday, to be hosted by Andy Samberg, an old vet. Can SNL hold it together, and start season 40 with a bang? Time will tell. Meanwhile, here are some of the hits from this weekend.


It wasn't perfect, but it felt fully cooked for a change. Maybe we're set to head into another "good" patch with the show. As a viewer of the very first show as it aired in 1975, I hope so.

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