Saturday, May 31, 2014

One More Time: Obama Doesn't Wear "Mom Jeans"

Sarah Palin, ever the original, has hauled out once again, a joke about the president wearing "mom jeans." I've written about this before, and it's really not a case of me defending the president. It's a case of me defending a joke. The joke is--as is made abundantly clear in the original Saturday Night Live sketch--that some moms wear jeans with enormous rises, with vast expanses of denim betwixt waist and crotch. This makes a pooch in the front, and a long, flat butt in the back. It's a specific thing.

President Obama on the other hand, tends to wear relaxed-fit, or loose-fit jeans. Like virtually every American who would actually be laughing at a "mom jeans" joke. Of course, the joke itself has a lot to do with homophobia, and casting Obama as either woman-like or gayish. Don't tell me it's not. Where else does the joke go, since the accuracy of the charge is so off? Anyway, I decided to make a graphic, just to show you what I mean. So, here you go.

And in case you still don't understand what I'm getting at, here's the original bit:

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