Friday, May 23, 2014

What (Doesn't) Happen in Vegas: Las Vegas Withdraws RNC Invitation

As a lefty, liberal moonbat, you'd think I'd be doing cartwheels that the Las Vegas Convention Center will not be hosting the Republican National Convention in 2016. But I'm not, really. It would have been fine, would likely have been good for business, and would have given the hookers a lot of business!

Las Vegas withdraws GOP convention bid; arena, timing difficulties cited

Las Vegas’ effort to host the Republican National Convention in 2016 ended Thursday in disappointment after the city withdrew its bid rather than face rejection because of arena and scheduling difficulties. The Las Vegas 2016 Host Committee sent the withdrawal letter to the Republican National Committee on Wednesday, the day before the party’s site selection committee could announce the latest cut among six cities still vying for the major event. . .

Read more at: Las Vegas Review-Journal

But guess who is doing cartwheels?

Check this out too: NEVADA: Tony Perkins Cheers After Las Vegas Withdraws Its Bid To Host The 2016 Republican Convention

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