Friday, June 13, 2014

Crazy Preacher Bradlee Dean Still Has it In for Rachel Maddow

Not an Axl Rose impersonator.
I have Google Alerts set up for several things for my blog, one of them being "Rachel Maddow." The other day, I got an alert for a story about Bradlee Dean (yes, he really spells it that way), the nutty, anti-gay, rock and roll preacher, and how he has a legal squabble with Rachel Maddow. This story goes back a ways, but it has to do with Rachel doing a story on Dean, and his anti-gay views. Dean said she took him out of context to make him look hateful, which is hilarious, because he is plainly hateful.

Anyhow, he lost the case, and is supposed to pay for her legal bills. But he doesn't want to. Beyond that, I couldn't really suss out what he was trying to say. Even the headline was inscrutable ("WHAT RACHEL MADDOW PURPOSED NOT TO TELL YOU ABOUT ME"). And then I got at least two more Google Alerts on the same story, covered by others. Now, since I couldn't figure it out, I passed it off to Joe.My.God., since that blog had been covering this story back in the day. But even Joe apparently couldn't make heads or tails of it.

But as I said the other day, when I have a WTF story I can't get my hands around, Wonkette is my go-to crazy-splainer.


Bradlee Dean Will Never Retreat, Never Surrender, Never Stop Suing Rachel Maddow

. . .Time for some Real Talk here. We read this DeanScreed several times, but we still can’t really figure out what on earth he is saying. He’s still SUPER MAD ALL CAPS HEADLINES MAD that Rachel Maddow quoted him, but didn’t quote everything he ever said, because if she had, then it would be totally clear that when he called for the deaths of the gays, it was totally not calling for the deaths of the gays, because context. Also, we have learned that Bradlee is in desperate need of an editor, even one of the crummy ones over at his other haunts like WND, because Christ just try to follow this. . .

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