Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yes, Obama's Approval Rating Is Down. . .But Not as Much as Everyone Else

Amongst friends, I've openly pondered, why are President Obama's approval ratings so low? All things considered--and that would be the relentless and constant opposition from Republicans in and out of elected office--I think he's doing a pretty good job. I don't agree with everything he's done, and some of the stuff that sort of carried over from Bush? Yeah, I could do without a bunch of that. But on balance, I think he's been a pretty good president. Certainly better than anyone who ran against him.
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But I get it that Right Wing World hates him. Hates. Him. That would be somewhat understandable, if it was simply a response to his policies, but it's been like this from Day 1 (or earlier), and hasn't dissipated, it's only gotten worse. And they hate him even for things that they used to be for. It's transparent, naked hatred (and I don't know if you happened to notice, but he's black). So, anyway, I'd get it if his approval ratings were hovering around 50%. That would make sense. But in the 40s?

I'd chalk it up to a fickle, easily distracted, easily led, not particularly interested public, except for the fact that Obama's ratings are among the best of the rest of our elected officials! 'Course, people could still be disconnected and hate 'em all, I suppose. But before the Boehners and McConnells and the rest get too overjoyed about Obama's predicament, they should look at their own numbers. And before the completely sell their souls to the Tea Party, they should look to see who is at rock bottom.


GOPee Yew: What The Media Isn’t Telling You About Obama’s Poll Numbers

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll (pdf) has some decidedly bad news for President Obama. The American people, according to this survey, are losing patience with the President and expressing it with low opinions of his job performance, foreign policy, and leadership. It is a distinct concern for him as his administration heads into its final two years. That said, the news isn’t all bad. But far be it for the media to put the results in context so that people get a balanced perspective of the nation’s mood. In addition to the floundering numbers, there are some areas that ought to produce some optimism for the President and those aligned with his policies. First among them is the fact that, while Obama’s numbers are nothing to write home about, his political rivals are doing so much worse that may want to run away from home. . .

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  1. With specificity why has Obama done a "pretty good job"? Speaking of labels the term "Tea Bagger' makes your journalism highly suspect for garbage fit for trash only.

  2. I'm not a journalist, I'm a hobbyist blogger. I use "tea bagger" for a couple of reasons. A) Because I think it's funny, and never gets old; B) Because it really irritates 'baggers, and that's even funnier; C) Because they came up with the term themselves, not realizing it was a double-entendre; and D) Because Liberals so rarely turn something like that around on Conservatives, and have it STICK so well. I couldn't care less that you don't like it.

    Now, how has Obama done a good job? Well, the DOW is at record highs. My house is no longer under water (in fact, is doing very well now). We're not in the dark abyss GWB left us in, DESPITE the relentless opposition. Gay marriage is legal in 19 states plus DC (with many more to come). We got out of Iraq, a 9-years-long war that created the problems going on there now. Obama is not a raging goober, embarrassing us wherever he goes. The evil that was Dick Cheney was not replaced with an equal evil. And he's just a good guy, always trying to do the right thing, against oppressive odds.

    Why do you hate him?


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