Wednesday, June 4, 2014

NRA Backtracks: It's Now Not Weird to Strap on Your Gun and Go to Chipotle!

Nope, not weird.
Image from source, Slate.
A little advice, gun people: whatever point you think you're making by strapping an AK-47 (and I give zero shits if I've got the terminology right) to your back, and walk into fast food restaurants, hardware stores or other benign public spaces, you look crazy. You look dangerous. And you're winning zero converts. It doesn't matter one whit if you have the right to do something. I have the right to call you a tiny-dicked, overcompensating douchenozzle, but other than to make this point, I wouldn't do that. Decorum. Maturity. Manners. Get some.

Now, when it comes to the NRA, they put their finger to the wind, and got it shot off by their own members. After previously calling these fast food warriors "weird," they've now back peddled, and are blaming their previous position on some low-level lackey, who was expressing his own personal opinion. On the NRA webpage. Yeah, that makes sense guys, let's go with that!

NRA Apologizes for Calling Some NRA Members “Downright Weird”

The NRA, last week, took the out-of-character step of telling some of its most enthusiastic supporters of guns and the freedom to take them into your local Chipotle to, you know, maybe take it down a notch. “[A] small number have recently crossed the line from enthusiasm to downright foolishness,” Friday's NRA statement reads. Here’s more. . .

Read more at: Slate

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