Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Gay Thing: Gay Republican Group GOProud Going Out of Business

There is a long-running gay Republican group known as Log Cabin Republicans. They're kind of a go-along-to-get-along group of mostly fiscally conservative, socially liberal gay men and lesbians. At some point a few years ago, the really conservative folks in LCR decided to start their own group, GOProud. Get it? GOP and "proud," as in gay pride. Except that this group was far from easy going. They were confrontational, abrasive, arch-right wing, Sarah Palin loving, tea bagging, liberal hating conservatives who were--incidentally--gay. Arguing with a GOProuder was like arguing with any other arch-right-winger, except with an evangelical edge.

I should know, I got into several online arguments with the leader of RightPride, the Nevada chapter of GOProud. Between bouts of insulting me or screaming (virtually) at me, he'd keep trying to win me over, inviting me out for coffee or drinks. Hell, maybe he was flirting? But it was kind of short-lived. I haven't heard much about RightPride for years, but even at their peak, they had about 485 Facebook followers. They just seemed to peter out.

And now, the parent organization is going too. They'd already lost their founders, one after the other, and have mostly straight people on their board. They're claiming a "reboot" is coming, but I doubt it would do any good. The problem with GOProud is, they were so venomous to progressive gays, that they burned that bridge. And the tea party-controlled GOP wants nothing to do with them. Where in the world is there to go then?


LGBT Republican Group GOProud Going Out of Business

After five years in the often precarious space of being a gay conservative group, LGBT Republican organization GOProud is ceasing operations, according to a series of reports at Bilerico. Bilerico reporter Andrew Markle initially reported that GOProud was shuttering on Sunday, and following initial denials on social media from members of the group, key organizers confirmed to Bilerico founder Bil Browning Monday that the group is indeed planning to close up shop. . .

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