Wednesday, June 11, 2014

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor Suffers Surprise Loss in Primary Battle

Is it so hard to see why there is a page called Eric Cantor's Bitch Face?
Image from source, MSN
I can't ever think of the House Majority Leader without thinking of Eric Cantor's Bitch Face, a satirical tumblr page that pokes fun of Cantor's perceived haughtiness and detachment from ordinary folks. And it just may be that attitude that lost him his seat, in a surprise primary night result.

Of course, it could also be the fact that tea baggers were pissed at him for his insufficiently awful immigration stance. And also, of course, because this election was so sparsely attended by voters other then tea baggers. And so, instead of Virginia being home to the second most powerful Republican in the House of Representatives, they'll have (assuming their new candidate wins) a House freshman. But the Tea Party can claim a fairly significant scalp: one of their own guys, more or less.


House Majority Leader Cantor defeated in primary

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was defeated Tuesday by a little-known economics professor in Virginia's Republican primary, a stunning upset and major victory for the tea party. . .

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