Thursday, June 5, 2014

GOP Hypocrisy on POW Bergdahl Release

McCain and Ayotte, for it, before they
were against it. Image from source, HuffPo
It really should come as no surprise by now. Countless times, Republicans have been for something, only until President Obama does that thing. Then, magically, they're against it. In the case of the release of prisoner of war, Bowe Bergdahl, their reasons have been kind of all over the place. But Sen. John McCain, Sen. Kelly Ayotte, and countless others in the conservative media and blogosphere were adamantly for getting Bergdahl out of detention, up to and including the use of prisoner swaps. Hell, McCain himself was released in a prisoner swap!

I've gotten in arguments with conservatives regarding Obama, Eric Holder, Jay Carney, always on the same theme: they lie! Well, what is this, friends and neighbors? What do you call this, besides hypocrisy of course? Amnesia?

GOP Urged White House To 'Do All It Can' To Get Bowe Bergdahl

As soon as President Barack Obama told the nation Saturday evening that America's only prisoner of war in Afghanistan had been rescued, Republican lawmakers and pundits began criticizing the administration on how it handled the release of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. . .

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