Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Right Wing World: Obama Gets Bad Guy In Benghazi Attack. . .To Distract From Benghazi

Okay, so we got the bad guy in the Benghazi attack, right? And Right Wing World has been obsessed with Benghazi ever since it happened. First, they hoped to hang it around President Obama's neck, to sink his reelection chances. That didn't work. But they kept going, in disbelief that it didn't work. After a while (and after shelving Benghazi several times to divert to other scandals), the right shifted gears, and decided Benghazi was the ticket to stopping Hillary Clinton.

Anyway, we got the bad guy behind the attack. And, Right Wing World was jubilant, and sang Obama's praises! Or rather, they went into overdrive to figure out how it was a bad thing, and Obama BAD! Turns out, they're only interested in Benghazi if in sinks Obama and/or Hillary. In other words, they're not actually interested in the event itself, but rather what it can do for them politically. Which is kind of sick, when you remember that four Americans died in the attack.


Obama Captures Suspect In Benghazi Attack To Distract From Benghazi

You might think that today’s news that a suspect in the Benghazi terrorist attack was captured in Libya would be greeted with satisfaction and relief. You would be right with respect to the reaction of the American people, but over at Fox News it’s a different story. As usual, nothing that Obama does can be characterized positively at Fox News. They work studiously to maintain their warped view that Obama is a foreign-born, anti-American, terrorist-sympathizing, incompetent, evil genius. And so it is with the apprehension of Ansar al-Sharia commander Ahmed Abu Khattala. . .

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  1. Yes, it was good to get him, almost 2 years after the attack and after CNN, Fox and other news media have interviewed him and he was known to go for some coffee at the local shop on Fridays.
    This was like picking apples from the ground.

  2. There's no way it was that easy. Regardless, we got the bad guy, and that's not a bad thing.


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