Friday, June 13, 2014

President Obama on Iraq: Not Ruling Anything Out

Image from source, NBC News

There are one or two things I'd like to rule out, please. And I'd also like to point out that the same guys who championed the disaster that was the Iraq War are the same guys championing going in again. Let's not, okay? Sure, we broke it. But it wasn't in pristine shape in the first place. Can't we just leave it on the floor in pieces, and pretend we didn't see it fall?


Obama on Iraq Turmoil: 'I Don't Rule Out Anything'

President Barack Obama said Thursday "I don;t rule out anything" when it comes to a U.S. response to worsening violence in Iraq. Speaking to reporters briefly after meeting with Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott at the White House, Obama said "my national security team is looking at all the options" available in stemming an advance by Islamic extremists in the north and west of the country. "This is an area we've been watching with a lot of concern, not just over the last days but the last several months," Obama said, adding that his administration has "been in close consultation with the Iraqi government to try to address problems they have. . .

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