Tuesday, June 3, 2014

President Obama: New Carbon Regulations

Image from source, LA Times
In the past, we've had ecological problems, generated by industry. We've had acid rain, intense smog, polluted rivers and lakes. And for the most part, we've cleaned them up, with the help of EPA regulations. Every time, industry screamed bloody murder, but in the end, we successfully beat back the bad things we were doing to the planet.

Why is climate change different?


Obama says his new carbon regulation is about 'health of our kids'

President Obama began a campaign for his newly proposed climate change proposal with an appeal Monday to parents and grandparents worried about “the health of our kids and the health of our planet.” In an afternoon conference call with the American Lung Assn. and other public health groups, Obama argued that restrictions on power plant emissions would help children with asthma and other health problems exacerbated by carbon pollution. . .

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