Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Disgust with Right Wing World Over Treatment of American POW

It goes without saying by now, that if President Obama does something (or doesn't do something) Right Wing World will bellow that it's wrong. It even applies to the First Lady who has been lambasted merely for suggesting that kids eat healthy food, and that we all drink more water. Honestly. So, it was a given that there would be an outcry when American POW Bowe Berdahl was sprung from Afghanistan. We didn't know exactly what their tactic would be, but you could predict outrage!

And boy, it was a scattershot outrage. Bergdahl, it is alleged, had "deserted" his post. The details of this are not confirmed, but no one I've seen denies that whatever happened there should be investigated. It was hardly the point when bargaining to get a 5-year POW out of imprisonment. But so far, that's only one of the reasons why President Obama was wrong to get this guy out. In addition to the desertion charge--which apparently means he should be left to rot--there is a complaint about how and when Obama told Congress about it, a complaint about the bargain to exchange Gitmo detainees (men who have never even been charged, let alone convicted, and have been there more than a decade). And they're even picking on the guy's parents. It's all over the place, and it would have brought charges of unpatriotism from the right, were the tables turned, and this was a POW sprung by Dubya. Whatever issues need to be hammered out by military justice and by Congress, the behavior of Right Wing World (FOX "News", talk radio, and the blogosphere) has been skeevy.

Rachel Maddow shares my disgust in this video which is really worth watching.


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