Sunday, June 1, 2014

Brady Bunch's Alice, Ann B. Davis, Dead at 88

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You know, we've got to get used to this you guys. The remaining living stars of our childhood favorite TV shows are all getting up there. Ann B. Davis, Alice of The Brady Bunch was always seemingly a "woman of a certain age," but sort of an indeterminate one. The reality is, she was in her early 40s when the original show was on the air, just eight years older than star Florence Henderson (who is 80 herself). 

Davis apparently lived on a religious commune of some sort, though I don't recall ever hearing anything judgmental or self-righteous being attributed to her. She never married, not even Sam the butcher. But she always seemed--in any appearance Brady-related or otherwise--to be cheerful and warm. RIP, Ann.


Emmy-Winning BRADY BUNCH Actress Ann B. Davis Dies @ 88

Ann B. Davis, famous internationally for the role of lovable maid Alice on The Brady Bunch, died today following a fall in her bathroom. She never regained consciousness after the accident. She was 88. . .
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