Friday, August 16, 2013

Attention Conservatives: THIS is Why Liberals are Howling About Voter Rights Changes

It's not just about "Voter ID," though that is part of it. While actual voter impersonation fraud is virtually unheard of, I'm aware that the argument for Voter ID sounds good. You need ID for everything else, right? Right. But when you put it into context with the whole list of things that they tend to pass along with Voter ID laws, you start to see that the actual reasoning behind the law has nothing to do with protecting the integrity of the vote. It has to do with stopping people from voting, or hindering them at least. Dissuading them. And it is a certain demographic.

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  1. Actually, picking up ballots for another person and absentee voting has been a problem.
    But again, if it is not discriminatory to get a library card, get a job or get prescription medicine, then why is it discriminatory to get an ID to vote?

  2. Because it is known WHO currently does not have state issued ID. Primarily older people, minorities, the poor and students. And it is known that these people skew heavily Democratic. That is why they're passing the laws, which is obvious by the occasional admission by state officials, and by all of the other restrictions they always seem to pass at the same time.

    You do understand that this is an effort to suppress Democratic votes, right? To artificially skew the result? You don't really think that Republican legislatures and Governors all got this idea by coincidence to fight a problem that basically doesn't exist, do you?

    As for the absentee thing you mention, has it been successful? Because voter impersonation fraud is a federal crime. Every time there's even a whiff of a case, it makes the news, and it's virtually always a Republican foolishly trying to make a point that "it's possible" to do it. Well, of course it's possible. The question is, does it hardly ever happen? And the anaswer, even ina study by George W. Bush's administration, is NO, it almost never happens.


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