Saturday, August 10, 2013

Computer Woes Continue

Tired. So very tired of computer issues! I've always been the computer susser-outter, and I can usually suss pretty well. This new set of problems is driving just about to the breaking point. As in breaking my new computer. It would be okay if I knew the source of the problem, and whether or not it is truly fixable. If I found out I had a faulty component, at least I'd know if it was a replace or repair situation.

My problems consist of:

- AOL Mail won't display headers. I can live with this one, but I'm apparently the only one it happens to. In the world.
- PDF reDirect program sluggish and problematic. Again, only me. In the world. But I can live with this too.
- Wireless adapter keeps losing  the ability to "see" networks. ANY networks.
- Portable hard drive loses the ability to BE "seen" when wireless adapter drops out.
- Restoring the computer seems to work until it actually opens, then tells me it failed. With no solutions.

All of these problems have been annoyingly, exasperatingly without answers, and seemingly unique to me. I might be able to save myself some trouble by taking this computer back, and starting over with a replacement. Except that I can't be sure that some or all of these issues evolve out of the software combination I use, along with my quirky hard drive.

So, again, I have little blogging going on, because my brain is fried.

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  1. Sounds like a load of fun! You can always send your little pal to the computer hospital when you give up, but until then, good luck on these weird issues, I sure haven't heard of these before


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