Monday, August 19, 2013

Science is Cool Weird Creepy: The Fish in Finding Nemo Would be Gettin' It On?!

Well, far be it for me to criticize anybody's sexual proclivities, as long as everything is consensual and legal and stuff. But, really, Nemo would be doin' his dad if Finding Nemo was truer to life? I guess in the open sea, very flexible gender identity has its advantages!


Scientifically Accurate Finding Nemo Would Be Horrifyingly Incestual

And the Million Mom types were worried about
Ellen DeGeneres? Image from Gizmodo.
Okay, so, um, here's your perception warping, good times stomping news of the day: Finding Nemo is a damn lie. Not in a oh fish can talk sort of harmless lie but in an oh my god Nemo would grow up to bone his dad sort of awful lie. The Fisheries Blog broke down the science of Finding Nemo and pretty much exposed that Nemo's mom would die, Nemo's dad would switch sex and Nemo would eventually mate with his female dad. . .

Read more at: Gizmodo

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