Friday, August 9, 2013

Could Sean Hannity Be Replaced on FOX "News?"

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Oh, I know they'd just shift him somewhere else, most likely. He's still their second-most watched show, though I really can't believe it is out of anything other than viewer habit. But Sean Hannity has had a berth at 9 pm (6 pm Pacific) on the FOX "News" Channel since its debut. Unless Bill-O the Clown is departing, and Sideshow Sean is getting his plum spot, there would be no way to look at such a move as anything but a demotion.


Megyn Kelly Nabs Sean Hannity’s Timeslot On Fox News – Per Drudge

daytime anchor Megyn Kelly is set to move to primetime when she returns from maternity leave in September. At the time of the announcement there was no indication of which current primetime host would be ousted. . .

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