Tuesday, August 27, 2013

San Diego's Mayor Filner to be Replaced by . . . (Gasp!). . .a Gay Man!

Todd Gloria, soon-to-be Mayor of San Diego,
image from source, AddictingInfo
The overly dramatic headline is not meant to disparage the man who is taking the job of Mayor of San Diego. No, it's meant to point out the pearl-clutching of the far right, who are aghast and appalled that the new mayor is gay. Good grief, people, really? Do conservatives not realize that they--almost all of them--have gay people in their families, and circle of friends? You'd think we were aliens or zombies or something, geez.


San Diego’s New Mayor Is A Gay Man And That’s Making The Right Crazy

With the news of Bob Filner’s resignation bringing an end to a turbulent six weeks of  scandal in San Diego, we discover who will step in to fill the office. His name is Todd Gloria. He is the President of the City Council and will become acting Mayor once Filner’s resignation goes into effect on August 30th. Gloria is from two military families – a common situation in the Navy-oriented city – and his ancestry bears this out: he is Native Alaskan, Filipino, Dutch and Puerto Rican, with all four grandparents making their way to San Diego from vastly different places. That, right there, is enough to make right-wing heads spin but when you add that he is gay… can you hear the heads exploding? . . .

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  1. I'd be more embarrassed with the clothes he is wearing.


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