Tuesday, August 27, 2013

US to Launch Military Strike on Syria?

Image from source, Boston Globe
Ugh. As a lowly hobbyist blogger, I'm going to fold on this hand. "What to do in Syria" is wayyy over my pay grade. So, I'll pass on the latest information, and just leave it there, marked as an important event. And I'll comment so far as to ask: do you suppose Republicans and Democrats will leave the politicking on this one for later, and rally around the President, who has some very difficult decisions to make? Oh, who am I kidding. . .


US assails Syria, moves closer to military strike

The Obama administration said Monday that it had “undeniable” evidence that the Syrian regime of Bashar Assad used chemical weapons to kill hundreds of civilians, significantly raising the possibility that the United States would take military action in the conflict. . .

Read more at: Boston Globe


  1. Is the left going to demand that Obama get the permission from Congress like they demanded Bush do before he went to war with Iraq and Afghanistan?
    And when is the left going to demand that they get permission from Congress for going into Yemen and Somalia with drone attacks?

  2. I don't think any president has gotten a war declaration since World War II, so I doubt it. I'm not one of "the left" who harped on that point, though it would seem that if we're in a full-fledged war (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan) there really OUGHT to be a declaration. Other military operations? Not so sure. I know that declaring war--which has a strict definition--affects all kinds of laws and treaties and things. There's a reason they don't want to use the word, just like they don't want to use "coup."


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