Tuesday, September 23, 2014

"Democrat" vs. "Democratic" on Over Time with Bill Maher, September 19, 2014

He may look stupid, but Rep. Jack Kingston
knows what he's doing.
There really is no question about this subject, and there's nothing "subtle" about it: Right Wing World will virtually always use the word "Democrat" even when the proper word is Democratic. It's completely on purpose. It's partially a dig, and it's partially market tested. If you say, "Democrat Senator" rather than "Democratic Senator," you avoid using a patriotic word. Small-d "democratic" is just as stars-and-stripesy as "freedom" and "liberty." So, it's too good for a Democrat. Plus, when used as an adjective (incorrectly), the word sounds harsher, more brutish.

The worst part is, when a person like--say, Rush Limbaugh--uses "Democrat" incorrectly, he knows he's doing so, and is by definition, lying. It's irritating, and it's assholish. Period.


Bill Maher Sees ‘Subtle Dig’ in Republicans Who Say ‘Democrat’ Instead of ‘Democratic’


What’s the difference between “Democrat” and “Democratic”? One’s a type of discreet insult, according to HBO Real Time‘s Bill Maher. On the “Overtime” segment of Maher’s show Friday, Republican Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA) referenced an education bill that passed under Democratic leadership in the House and Senate in 2007. Kingston called the bill “a Democrat bill. . .”

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