Friday, September 19, 2014

The United Kingdom Will Not Have to Change Their Flag

Well, there you go. Scotland has apparently voted to remain part of the United Kingdom. So, the Union Jack will remain red, white and blue. And Great Britain remains so, though I'm not sure if that name would have changed or not. . . Heck, I just had to look up the difference between Great Britain and United Kingdom. And shouldn't it be a Queendom, at least for a little while longer?

Anyway, history wasn't exactly made, unless you're counting the vote itself. And Prince Charles won't have to worry about being King of Little Britain when he assumes the throne at 93.


Scottish referendum: Voters to reject independence - BBC

Scotland will vote to stay in the United Kingdom after rejecting independence, the BBC has predicted. With 26 out of the country's 32 council areas having declared, the "No" side has 54% of the vote, with the "Yes" campaign on 46%. By 05:15 BST (06:15 GMT), the "No" campaign had more than 1,397,000 votes, with "Yes" on just over 1,176,000. . .

Read more at: BBC

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