Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Don't miss the uncensored Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour!

Liberal talk radio has always been squeezed out by conservative talk and other formats, which has made my listening day challenging. I listen via computer (because liberal Las Vegas has never had a dedicated liberal station), both for blogging ideas, and because I have liked many of the hosts (though they're dwindling). By far my favorite--especially since Randi Rhodes retired--is The Stephanie Miller Show. There isn't anything on the conservative side like SMS, mostly because it's funny.

Because the format is shrinking, Steph's getting creative in keeping her show going. Over the past few years, she's had the touring Sexy Liberal Comedy Tour, a hilarious, dirty, unexpurgated show, going further than she possibly could on radio. And now, she's bringing Stephanie Miller's Happy Hour, a podcast with all that raunchiness, plus drinking! It features Jim Ward, Chris LaVoie and Carlos Alazraqui, and is free for the first edition (a free taste to get us hooked).

And since we're on the topic, here's today's interview with The Rude Pundit, Lee Papa. It's a segment that is a highlight of my listening week, since I loved Rude even before I discovered Steph!


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