Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Gay Thing: American Gay Haters Go Global

The National Organization for Marriage was once a titan of a hate group, causing all kinds of strife for marriage equality supporters. They formed out of the ooze to push Prop 8 in California, and they won. They had other victories, and--despite having very bad arguments--seemed like they were going to steam-roller gay marriage. Of course they got a big push from the like-minded who came before them, with the seemingly contagious anti-gay state constitutional amendments that swept the nation in the early part of the century.

Then a funny thing happened. The tide turned, SCOTUS gave us a couple of big wins, and suddenly, NOM couldn't catch a break. Their wins were mostly inconsequential in the scheme of things, and their losses piled up high like cordwood. Through it all, NOM bigwig Brian Brown would declare that he was not anti-gay, merely trying to "protect marriage." He never fought to end divorce, or stop
adultery, only to block or reverse wins for same-sex marriage. All the while, Brown (and presumably his compatriots) has collected a hefty paycheck, pockets lined by the dwindling supporters and a couple of very wealthy, secretive donors.

Barring something extremely unexpected, it is very likely that the Supreme Court will take up one or several of the cases that have worked their way through the court system, almost unanimously in favor of marriage equality. Given the legal contortions that would be required to reverse all of these decisions--and earlier  cases as prior indication--most people seem to think that nationwide marriage equality could be a realty by next summer. So, how will Brian Brown continue to turn his singular "talent" into cash? Go global, baby.

Brown, and other anti-gay religious zealots, has decided to turn to other countries, places where anti-gay legislation is an easier sell. Only rather than merely "protecting marriage" (an Orwellian phrase if ever there was one), he could be associated with legislation that actually imprisons or kills people. And we're supposed to think this is some noble, loving, "Christian" cause?


America's gay rights battle goes global

Starting in 2012, the leader of the most prominent American anti-gay marriage organization unexpectedly began adding a ton of stamps to his passport. As federal judges struck down gay marriage bans left and right at home, National Organization for Marriage President Brian Brown appeared at meetings and marches for various anti-gay rights causes in France, Trinidad and Tobago, Russia and Australia — a surprising uptick in travel for the stateside activist. The result: In June, Brown’s group began discussing rebranding itself as the International Organization for Marriage, according to materials from a “March for Marriage” meeting in Washington, D.C. . .

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