Thursday, January 17, 2008

Tracey Ullman Returns with State of the Union

Photo from source, After Elton

This is terrific news! I've been a fan of Tracey Ullman since her eighties hit song, "They Don't Know." And I'm probably one of the few people who watched The Tracey Ullman Show on FOX from its debut until its last episode. Without Tracey, we wouldn't have The Simpsons. And even if Matt Groening eventually got around to creating it anyway, we wouldn't have Dan Castellaneta as Homer and Julie Kavner as Marge--they were actors on Tracey's show.

Tracey is incredibly talented and underused. Her ability to sing, dance, mimic and most importantly, skewer convention is tragically under appreciated in this country. But I'm glad those of us who seek her out (if we have Showtime, alas) will have the opportunity to see some new stuff. Way to go, Tracey!


Tracey Ullman returns with the State of the Union

Here's something that could get me to renew that Showtime subscription: Tracey Ullman has a new sketch comedy show set to debut on the premium channel in March. Five episodes of Tracey Ullman's State of the Union will air after steamy historical drama The Tudors, starting on March 30. . .

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