Wednesday, December 5, 2012

FOX & Friends vs. Bob Costas

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As I've said before, I'm not the sort of liberal that you'd classify as a "gun grabber." I grew up around guns, I know how to handle them, and shoot them. I don't particularly have a problem with gun ownership, even multiple gun ownership. But I'm not a gun fetishist either. I don't hold the 2nd amendment to be the only important one, or more important than the others. I don't think the founders intended that we be armed "just in case" we have to fight our own government. And I think it is completely reasonable to draw the line somewhere between muskets and thermonuclear warheads.

FOX "News"--having repeatedly proven itself to be speaking for and playing to the arch-right tea-baggin' nut jobs--cannot tolerate any dissent on the subject. Or rather, moderate, thoughtful discussion. Bob Costas related a piece from a FOX "News" writer that commented upon a recent shooting, and he did it during the football game he was covering. It was apropos, because it was a football player who had done the shooting, and it was his team that was playing, the same weekend!

Now, for the crowd that is constantly decrying so-called infringements upon free speech, they're sure ready to jump all over Bob Costas for expressing his opinion. And they're also ready to attribute words and thoughts that Costas did not say. I'm aware that the first amendment applies to government censorship of free speech, but I also believe that there was absolutely nothing wrong with what Costas had to say, and agree with what he had to say as well.


‘Fox & Friends’ defends gun culture: Costas’ gun control talk ‘dangerous’ after murder/suicide

In the wake of a tragic murder/suicide involving an NFL football player, the co-hosts of Fox & Friends on Monday defended gun culture while blasting NBC broadcaster Bob Costas’ call for gun control. . .

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