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Friday, December 14, 2012

The FOX "News" Guy (Who Was Punched by the Union Guy) Started It!

I've never been in a union, and have in fact had a few unpleasant run-ins with unions. So, I'm not a knee-jerk union supporter. But you know what? When FOX "News" and every tool in the right-wing shed are anti-union? It doesn't take much for me to realize where the battle lines are drawn. One tip-off is that you rarely hear the word "union" without the word "thug" closely following it, in right-wing world.

But they were proven correct the other day, when FOX "News" failed comedian journalist reporter guy Steven Crowder was slugged by a union dude. I mean, this Crowder dude was just minding his own business, milling around amongst the protestors of Michigan's rammed through anti-union law, and some thug up and punches him! For no reason! [Story continues below]

Well, not quite. The first tip-off was the abrupt edit before the punch. The second tip-off (which should really always be the first) was that this is FOX "News" we're talking about. Their stock-in-trade is running doctored videos to bolster faux outrages to stoke the anger/hatred/fear of their lowbrow watchers. Just ask Shirley Sharrod.


Steven Crowder Tent-Gate: 12/11 Was An Inside Job

Remember that awesome video of stereotypical union thug cold wailing on stereotypical Fox News douche Steven Crowder at the Michigan anti-”Right to Work” rally this week? Of course you do, it’s embedded above. Probably you watched it and were like: “I shouldn’t be laughing at this because I’m a hippy Wonketteer librul who knows violence solves nothing, but DAMN! Dude dropped Crowder like Tyson dropped Spinks. . .” 

Read more at: Wonkette

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