Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gun Lobbyist Says Americans Should Be Prepared To Take On Elected Officials With Guns

Image from source, Think Progress
One of the weirder aspects of the series of mass shootings we've gone through, is the constant retort that if there were more guns, we'd be safer. We've already got almost as many guns as we have people, but even more will prevent those already out there from killing as many people. Aside from sounding nutty, it presupposes that teachers, movie patrons, mall shoppers and every other kind of citizen should have combat training. Not only that, but we're expected to perform under pressure, like Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson, only without a script. It's bananas.

And beneath all of this uber-armed citizenry is the odd belief that the 2nd amendment is all about rising up and taking on the United States Government. For Constitutional "strict constructionists," they don't seem to know much about history, do they? The right to bear arms wasn't to take on our government, it was to protect it and ourselves. It was also written in a time when we didn't have a standing army, nor did we have the assorted killing machines we have now. But even with AK-47s we're not capable of fighting the assembled United States Military, I don't care what delusion you've dreamed up, or what arsenal you've amassed. It's a simplistic, poorly thought out idea.


Gun Lobbyist: Americans Should Be ‘Prepared’ To Take On Elected Officials With Guns

While the National Rife Association has remained silent about Friday’s tragic shooting in Newtown, CT, Larry Pratt, executive director of Gun Owners of America, is arguing that Americans should bear arms to protect themselves against an ever-expanding government and elected officials. . .

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