Friday, December 7, 2012

Picture(s) of the Day: Marriage Equality in Washington State

I know this picture has been everywhere, but that's because it should be. Congratulations to Larry Duncan and Randy Shepherd on their marriage this weekend. Keep busting those stereotypes, boys! I'd have sworn it was Jackie and Dunlap from Red State Update!


These Men Are Officially, Wonderfully The Face Of Marriage Equality In Washington State
You've probably seen this picture already. It's of 56-year old Larry Duncan and 48-year old Randy Shepherd receiving their marriage license in Washington State this morning.
Photographer Meryl Shenker snapped it and, as the photo became an internet sensation, told Seattle PI she focused on the men because she wanted to challenge stereotypes. She did her job well, and we should all be grateful. . .

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UPDATE: And this, via Facebook

Today, the first marriage licenses were issued in Washington. Jane and Pete-e were the first same-sex couple to receive a license. Click "like" and share this photo to congratulate all the happy couples. Via Freedom to Marry.


  1. I know we will disagree, bu ti think it is a state rights issue and that Prop 8 in CA should be upheld.
    I honestly don't know about DOMA.

  2. At issue, Dan, is whether or not the Prop 8 wording was constitutional under the United States Constitution. Three times it has been found unconstitutional. I'm all for citizens voting, and all that jazz. But not if the law they're voting for is unconstitutional. I also disagree with the states rights part, because of the full faith and credits clause of the Constitution, which says states must honor each other states' contracts. A marriage is a contract. For example, if you marry your cousin in West Virginia, and Nevada says, "no, we don't allow cousin marriage," Nevada's protest is overruled by the full faith and credit clause. Same for age requirements, etc. The same-sex part should fit right in there. By logic and by precedent.


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