Tuesday, December 4, 2012

FOX "News" Tried to Recruit Petraeus for President?

It now makes more sense why FOX "News" seemed less than interested in Mitt Romney at first. Roger Ailes wanted to manage a campaign for General David Petraeus to run for President? Rupert Murdoch wanted to finance it? Holy conflict of interest, Batman! FOX "News" would have bought and paid for their own presidential candidate! Well, I mean besides Sarah Palin (who was teasing us that she'd run), Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum (who both gave it their hilarious best shots). And of course, Herman Cain and Donald Trump, both of whom were trumpeted as heroes relentlessly by the channel.

All that aside, a picked, bought and paid for candidate would have been a real coup, wouldn't it? Potentially embarrassing, what with Petraeus' recent flame-out, sure. And it would have been highly unlikely that Ailes' and Murdoch's roles could have been kept undercover. It would have been the Official FOX "News" Tea Party Tax Day Presidential Candidate! With running mate Steve Doocey! Romney's campaign turned out to be something less than a success. But think of the fun we missed out on!


Gen. David Petraeus and Alfred Hitchcock Roger Ailes.
Image from source, ABC News.
Petraeus Turned Down Fox News Presidential Run ‘Deal’

David Petraeus running for president, with Fox News chief Roger Ailes as his campaign manager and News Corporation boss Rupert Murdoch “bankrolling” the whole operation. That, as first reported in today’s Washington Post story by Bob Woodward, was the broad strokes of an offer delivered by a Fox News contributor, on Ailes’ behalf, during a meeting with the future, and now former, CIA director in the spring of 2011. . .

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