Thursday, December 13, 2012

In Case You Missed It: "Washington Bears" Get Married--For Real

Both pictures of Larry Duncan and Randell Shepherd from source, MaddowBlog, and (obviously),
Meryl Schenker Photography.
The picture of the two lumberjack-looking dudes getting their marriage license in Washington state was a viral internet sensation (including here). Well, in case you missed it, they actually did get married. Legally. Which is great because, hey, good for them. And it's great because they show the world at once how not everyone fits a preconceived notion, and how harmless their marriage is to society. The "protect marriage" crowd has created a straw man, a false threat. Pack it in, NOM.


Way past wonderful gets more wonderful still

Last week, we ran photojournalist Meryl Schenker's great picture of two guys in Washington state getting a marriage license in the first hours of marriage equality there. . .

Source: MaddowBlog

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