Sunday, December 16, 2012

Westboro Baptist Church Under Attack by "Anonymous"

This is what they do to their kids.
The Westboro Baptist Church is a motley collection of mostly related-to-each-other wackjob cult members. They exist to torment Americans of all stripes, but they are most often drawn to national tragedies. Whether it's a military funeral, a terrorist attack or a mass shooting, WBC will be there (or threaten to be), using their patented "God Hates Fags" protest signs and banners. There need not be any "gay" connection to the event, the WBC will strain to allege one. Why they focus like a laser upon a "sin" that is pretty low on the biblical prohibitions list, and which is argued even to some bible scholars is anyone's guess.

The Rev. Fred Phelps and his family are trained in law, and totally dig it if you lash out at them. They're ready to sue, sue, sue ya, baby! That may actually be their business model. And they've gotten some help from the courts of late, who have said that the WBC has first amendment protections. So, when the law doesn't work, what do you do? Well, Anonymous may have a plan. But before you watch the video, be warned that it's kind of freaky.


Hackers target Westboro Baptist Church after Newtown threat

A group attached to the online hacktivist group Anonymous claims to have hacked the Westboro Baptist Church Web site in response to plans by the controversial church to picket the funerals of those massacred Friday at a school in Newtown, Conn. . .

Read more at: CNet

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