Friday, December 14, 2012

The Hannity Man (Rocky Mountain Mike Song Parody)

Nobody in right-wing world deserves a thorough skewering more than Sean Hannity. He's a big, dumb, hateful, humorless lummox. He's apparently the heir apparent to Rush Limbaugh should wife #5 do him in, but as much as I dislike Rush, Hannity is so much worse. Rush is in it for the money (and probably the drugs, but that's another story), and likely doesn't believe a thing he himself says. Hannity on the other hand is a dolt, belching out right-wing word salad. He's not smart enough to ponder the veracity of what he's saying. He's the male Sarah Palin. So, thank you Rocky Mountain Mike, for picking your target well. You couldn't possibly heap enough crap on him to make me happy, but it's a start!

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