Monday, December 17, 2012

Steven Weber: Myth Addiction

One of my favorite bloggers, actor Steven Weber, has done it again. He took what bugs me most about our gun-loving society, and put it in words I couldn't hope to match. Likening our society's relationship with guns to the town drunk from The Andy Griffith Show, Weber manages to turn a tragedy into an excellent lesson, and even manages to be entertaining doing it. That's good writing.


Myth Addiction

. . .Of course, it ain't the gun which causes the damage, it's the person wielding it (untouched, Otis's caustic rotgut was only damaging to, perhaps, the inside of the bottle in which it came). But just as culpable is an environment which consistently pardons the gun's misuse and abuse and even tacitly supports it, an environment which fetishizes, ennobles and enables it. It's the perfect environment to breed a nation of gun junkies. . .

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