Monday, December 3, 2012

What Happens in Vegas: Sheldon Adelson Spent More Than We Thought

There were many moments of schadenfreude on the night of Election 2012, and there have been many since. But this goes beyond my slightly guilty pleasure at the misfortune and sadness of conservatives. The Citizens United decision was a very scary unknown before the election started. There was real fear that all of that money--much of it from unknown sources--was effectively going to buy a president, and all of the rest of our government. It was an amazing surprise when most of that tidal wave of money crashed harmlessly down shore.

Ain't he something? Image from source.
Of course, in my state of Nevada, we did get a little bit wet. Even though President Obama carried the state, Shelley Berkley lost her Senate run, and both Joe Heck and Dean Heller won their respective races. But overall, the megamillions spent on the election didn't pay off particularly well for those who fronted the money. I'm shocked that Karl Rove isn't persona non grata in Right Wing World. You'd almost expect him to be eeping-slay with the ishes-fay, if you catch my drift.

But let's get back to schadenfreude, shall we? One of the biggest spenders behind the Rove-style groups was Las Vegas' own troll gremlin golem squillionaire, Sheldon Adelson. The Venetian owner plunked down wads of cash to keep Newt Gingrich afloat (well past his prime), and then backed Romney, even though he'd previously payed to tear Mitt down. All of that money is flushed away now, but it turns out there was a lot more going down the drain than we previously knew.


Sheldon Adelson Spent Far More On Campaign Than Previously Known

Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson vowed to spend as much as $100 million to defeat President Barack Obama and help the GOP take control of Congress. According to two GOP fundraisers with close ties to the Las Vegas billionaire, he made good on that promise -- and then some. Adelson ultimately upped the ante, spending closer to a previously unreported $150 million, the fundraisers said. . .

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