Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Craig Ferguson Leaving CBS and The Late, Late Show

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On those nights when I'm having trouble sleeping, it's not unusual for me to turn over to The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. It's an odd show. A very odd show. There's a gay, robot skeleton. A dancing horse. Sometimes, it's nothing but goofing around for the first half of the show, before a guest is brought out. And it's got a great theme song.

I wasn't surprised that CraigyFerg didn't get the plum Late Show slot being vacated by David Letterman, simply because Ferguson's show is so strange. I just can't see it playing at 11:30. So, whether Ferguson is upset by the lack of promotion, or if he simply feels it's time to leave, CBS will be tasked with finding a new host, or scrapping the show altogether. A shame, but hey, ten years is a pretty good run.

Craig Ferguson to leave CBS, and “Late Late Show”

Another seat in late night is now open, as “Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson has announced he plans to leave CBS. Ferguson is the longtime host (since 2005) of the show airing immediately after David Letterman’s “Late Show,” and had been perceived as one among the potential successors to Letterman, who will be retiring next year. CBS opted to hire Comedy Central personality Stephen Colbert over their own employee, and Ferguson’s future seemed at once foreclosed. . .

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