Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sean Hannity's WEAK Response to Jon Stewart's Takedown

As I said earlier, the more you find out about the Cliven Bundy cattle grazing story, the more wobbly the tea bagger posse side's "freedom fight" becomes. But Sean Hannity took up the cause, and Bundy has hailed him as a hero. So, Hannity can't very well abandon the goofy cause, right? So, when Jon Stewart took the whole story down in an inspired Daily Show on Monday night, Hannity was obliged to respond.

Now, if you want a sight to behold, it's when the reverse happens. If Stewart is attacked by a FOX "News" personality, for instance, his responses are legendary. Sometimes complete with a gospel choir! Hannity? Not so much. The man is a dolt. He couldn't argue his way into a refund at Home Depot. Here's the evidence.


Sean Hannity hits back: Why didn’t ‘suck-up’ Jon Stewart ask Obama about Bill Ayers?

Fox News host Sean Hannity responded on Tuesday to criticism from The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart — by virtually ignoring Stewart’s whole argument. “He’s kind of obsessed with this program,” Hannity said. “Then he took clips of me from previous shows — by the way, dating back more than eight years — to try and discredit what I was saying and that I was being hypocritical when it comes to following the rule of law. . .”

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