Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rachel Maddow: FOX "News" Wants a New Waco; Ruby Ridge

Who knows why FOX "News" seems to want to egg on arch-conservatives, in order to turn the "Bundy Ranch" thing into another Waco or Ruby Ridge. But they sure seem to.


  1. I see Rachel Maddow is wearing the tin foil hat again.
    This is why she is wrong. The main event happened over the weekend, with most of the fireworks happening on a Saturday night. There was little live coverage of what happened in Bunkerville. Most of the "coverag" was done by cell phone and not TV stations. And whatever was let was done by local TV stations.
    So, Maddow, once again shows her ignorance, can keep blathering about Fox News, who destroy her in the ratings dept, but she has about as much creditability as Al Sharpton at a KKK rally.

  2. Hey, I understand that you don't like her. But did you watch the video? FOX seemed to be salivating over this one. And Rachel wasn't the only one who called out Hannity for his goading of this situation. I still haven't figured out a scenario where this Bundy guy is in the right. I think making him into a hero (and FOX *is* trying to do that) is bizarre.


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