Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Gay Thing: Jodi Foster Got Married

I've been a fan of Jodie Foster since she was a little girl, and I was a littler boy. Freaky Friday was an early favorite, as well as the (very creepy) The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane. She was a child prodigy, and absolutely perfect actress from a young age. So, I'm glad that she's finally comfortable enough to be herself, and publicly acknowledge her marriage to a lucky woman. She played coy so long, it's just nice to see the curtain drop.

Makes me wonder though. The more we see these long-term glass closets open (Ricky Martin, Anderson Cooper, etc.), will we start to see the really big ones open too? And of course, I mean a couple of very famous scientologists. . . Anyway, congratulations, Jodie!

Image from ABC News


Jodie Foster has married her girlfriend Alexandra Hedison, E! News' Marc Malkin reports: I can exclusively reveal that the Oscar winner and her photographer girlfriend of almost a year got married this past weekend. A rep for Foster confirms the happy news. . .

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