Friday, April 25, 2014

Surprised that Cliven Bundy is a Racist? You Shouldn't Be.

I know I've used Rachel Maddow on the blog a lot recently, but this is the best breakdown I've seen on this story. Over the last day or so, it's come out that Cliven Bundy, the latest rightwing hero, is a seriously politically tone-deaf racist. But if you've been paying attention to the story, that really shouldn't be a surprise. Because the "sovereign citizen" movement that Bundy is a part of is rooted in white supremacist lore. This crazy, "the federal government doesn't exist" crap that Bundy has been espousing should have tipped off dolts like Sean Hannity (and the rest of FOX "News" and Right Wing World) that this guy was a little off.


  1. I don't think Bundy is a racist. Not a good public speaker, granted. But if you listen to his entire statement instead of a 30 second sound bite, you would find out that he has sympathy for those who rely on government benefits and he also has high praise for the Hispanic family structure.
    If you take the word "Negro" out of his statement, he is dead on.
    But I do agree he is tone deaf.

  2. I listened to more than a 30 second sound bite. There's no putting "better off as slaves" into context. It minimizes the horror of slavery to make a political point. It puts all black people in this category he's discussing. And it takes his experience in North Las Vegas and applies it to the whole country. Arguably, he does show some sympathy, but he does so in a thoroughly racist way!f

  3. Sorry, but Bundy was dead on in saying if people who relied on government programs to live on and wondering if they would be better off in slavery.
    People on government welfare programs (I'm talking about individual/family, not corporate welfare) are no better off than those who were slaves.
    People on welfare programs are slaves to the government while slaves were slaves to property owners. Tell me what the difference is. Ho are those on government welfare programs better off.
    I will even go further. Blacks are slaves to the Democrtatic Party. They vote for them 90%+ most of the time and are they better off, especially when the Democrats take them for granted?
    Are those who are shot and/or killed in Chicago better off than slaves who were tortured and injured or killed?
    Are those millions who are in prison/parole/probation and cannot vote better off than those slaves denied the right to vote?
    The family in the old slave world as very important, as as religion.
    Today, family and religion barely exists in families on government welfare.
    The list can go on and on.
    Bundy was wrong to use the word "Negro" but his point as correct.

  4. Just curious, ho often do you get down to the inner city/ghetto area of Las Vegas and North Las Vegas?
    With me, everyday and I work with some of the poorest kids who are almost all are minority, in the Valley, so I am not spouting talking points or spouting off just to spout off.
    And did you kno that Bundy's bodyguard is black?

  5. But Dan, Bundy's statements took this as a representation of black people in America. I'm not saying it's impossible for a racist to have a point here and there, or that he can't even have some (sorta) positive attributes. But this guy is waaaayyy out of bounds with his language and his attitudes. And that includes his notion that the United States government doesn't exist.


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