Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Gay Thing: Mississippi Passes "Turn Away the Gay" Law

Seriously? Again? I'm sorry, crazy religious nuts, could you be any more obvious that you're shopping these bills from state to state? And even worse, you find these un-American, legally illiterate legislatures to pass them? There's no sane person who thinks this would pass Constitutional muster. It's so infuriatingly stupid. And this one--unlike every other attempt--just might pass. Unless America has enough righteous outrage left in it over this issue (and the news cycle allows). I suspect that many people are plumb tuckered out lately, and that they'll shrug and say, "meh, it's Mississippi, lost cause anyway."


Mississippi legislature approves ‘turn away the gays’ bill
The Mississippi legislature approved late Tuesday a “turn away the gays” measure that would enable businesses and individuals in the state to discriminate against or refuse services to LGBT people on religious grounds — making a signature from the governor the last remaining step before the bill becomes law. . .

Read more at: Washington Blade

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